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Post  GM Kayson on Sun Feb 21, 2010 7:58 pm

Spar-RO Forum Rules and Punishments

•No discussions or links pertaining to other servers, client modifications, bots, or any other third-party programs.
Encourage Spar-RO players to play fair and square, so discussions regarding ways on how to advance in the game in an unfair way won't be tolerated. Even mere discussions of the like are not allowed.
Punishment: Permanent Account and IP Ban

•No discussions or links pertaining to illegal trades.
This includes trading in-game items for real money in any currency, real items, or server to server trades. Bartering of such is also forbidden.
Punishment: Permanent Account and IP Ban

•No excessive use of profanity.
Mild use of profanity (like the oh-so familiar "amp") is ok, but if it's too blatant, we'll have to give you a warning. Depending on the offense, Moderators may mete punishment right away if the profanity is extreme, even if they are genuine game complaints.
Punishment: Warn and 1 Day Mute

•No Flaming - keep it cool!
This is a staple of Netiquette (online etiquette), but for the uninitiated, flaming means typing in CAPITAL LETTERS LIKE THIS, because it'll mean you're shouting. Many discussions degenerate into arguments when people begin to shout, and it also holds true online. Posts considered as flaming includes extremely large font sizes, posts colored in red, sarcasm, and the like. Bad service, lag, frustrations, among other things, are no excuse to flame. Besides, such posts attract flames too, resulting in a cyberinferno. That is one scenario that will not be tolerated here. Such grievances can be expressed in a civilized way.
Punishment: 1 Day Mute and Warn

•No sexually explicit or graphically violent images (or links leading to websites with these type of content).
Please keep your pr0n and "rotten" collection away from the minors in the boards. Let's keep innocent minds as innocent. Thank you.

Punishment: 1 Day Mute and Warn (depending on the severity of the Case)

•Don't spam the boards with the same message. (SPAM - Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages)
Spamming is repeatedly posting the same topic in different forums of the ZetaRO Boards, in the hopes that the message will be seen by all. This is a bad habit by certain individuals.

ABAB Talk is also considered a spam and therefore prohibited.
ABAB talk example:
Boy1 : what ? He did that?
Boy2 : Yes!
Boy1 : HOW!?
Boy2 : idk he just do blablabla
Boy1 : oh snap i wish i blablablabla

1st Offense: Warn
2nd Offense: 1 day Mute + Warn

•Always check if the topic you'll be posting has been posted already.
Punishment: Warn

•Post legibly.
Because not all readers 4r3 l337 haxx0rz… or çǺ|\| rΞǺd Ǻ$ç||, r|ģh+¿ , tHiS iS DiFFiCuLt To ReaD aM ! R!6hT?
Punishment: Warn

•No trolling.
Trolling is willfull harrassment of the community, its authorities (Admins, MODs) and users. They are also called nuisance users. Trolling, harrassment, and creating disorder is definitely not tolerated here. Returning users (previously banned) deemed as trolls that do not show any sign of improvement or attonement will be banned (ip ban and forum account ban) again without any warning at all.

•Please be careful of what you link to.
When showing something, please make sure that it is viewable (no bandwidth limit, otherwise, provide alternate links), wholesome, and safe. Links that are not appropriate, dangerous, or breaks the rules in and out of boards will be edited out.

•Give respect to everyone in the boards.
Just as you would like to be respected, get the first initiative and be respectful of others. It has good results and good karma too. Especially give respect to people in authority, like the Moderators, GMs, and Administrators.
Punishment: Depends on the severity of the case.

•Double Posting is also Prohibited. Violating this rule may give you a punishment.
Punishment: Warn or Account Mute.

•Do not use Foreign Language on a General Forum.
First Offense : Warn
Second Offense : Mute + Warn

•Have FUN and keep it cool
Very Important. The guidelines are for everyone's enjoyment, and when everyone observes the rules, everyone is happy.
Makes sense, doesn't it?

Forum Administrators and Moderators retain exclusive rights as to determine what breaks a rule, and also reserves the right to ban any user, at any time, and for a reason.

By registering and posting on the boards, you have agreed to obey the guidelines.

Violation of the guidelines earns you a Warning. Further offenses will result in Account Suspension, Permanent Moderator Preview, Posting Disability and/or Permanent Ban, as per discretion of the Forum Admin or Mod on duty.

Moderators and Administrators may upgrade the punishment, or instantly ban a user when it is deemed necessary. They can downgrade the warning if an erring member mend his ways.

Disciplinary actions given towards a user are considered final.

Forum guidelines are subject to changes without prior notice. Any changes in the guidelines has a retroactive effect. It is the responsibility of the user to check the rules to be updated.

Ignorance of the above is no excuse.
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